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When diners sit down for a meal, they’re expecting more. More flavor. More creativity. More craft. Count on our broad portfolio of delicious, laboring-saving products to free-up your staff to focus on the things that send customers home smiling.

Bestselling Products

Simplot Harvest Fresh Avocados™ Chunky Pulp
Harvest Fresh Avocados™ 

Elevate your menu with avocados. It’s fresh—just faster!

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Simplot Sidewinders Fries

A major twist, only from Simplot! Choose from four amazing flavors with eye-popping appeal.

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What’s Happening in Full-Service Restaurants

Adapting for Delivery

Operators are refining their recipes to overcome the rigors of travel.

Plant Forward
Plant-Forward Dishes

Operators are moving vegetables from the side to the center of the plate.

Limited Time Offer
Limited-Time Offers

Operators are capitalizing on the power of limited availability to drive traffic

Labor Cost
Higher Labor Costs

With labor costs rising, operators are finding new ways to save time, including frozen items.

Recipes and inspiration

From dine-in to take-out to catering, we offer hundreds of kitchen-tested, foodservice recipes to take your menu to the next level.

Full-Service Restaurant Trends & Resources

Advice and ideas from the team at Simplot Foods

Profit on the Menu - simplot
Profit on the Menu Ebook

How to Create menus that Build Your Bottom Line

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Delivery Ebook
The Ultimate Guide to Delivery & Takeout

Tips and Advice to Succeed with Off-Premise Customers

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Seasonal Trend Guide

See what’s hot in commercial foodservice and what you need to stay on trend

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