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Your operators expect you to know a lot: their needs, details on hundreds of products, emerging trends and more. We're here to support you with comprehensive product info, trend guides, culinary support, online training, e-books and more. Dig in!

New Products

Simplot Roastworks™  Babybakers Halves
RoastWorks® Baby Bakers™ 

Fresh roasted flavor in a miniature size, seasoned to perfection with herbs and parmesan.

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Seasoned Crisp Reduced Sodium
SeasonedCRISP® Reduced 
Sodium Loops

The same great savory flavor, now in a gluten-free, reduced-sodium option, perfect for schools and healthcare.

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Trends and Resources

From e-books to training videos, we're here to support you and your customers with helpful information. Please share the resources below.

Simplot Profit Builders free download
Free Download

The Ultimate Guide to Menuing Fries

Learn how to get the most out of your Simplot fries.

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Operators expect their DSR’s to:

*Based off 2019 Technomic, Inc survey

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Training and Menu Inspiration

For operators, the needs for staff training and menu inspiration never end. Please share these valuable resources with them!

How to Make Great Fries

Share this short video training series with operators to help them make better fries!

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