Michelin-Awarded Chef Picks Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries for Latest Concept

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Michelin-Awarded Chef Picks Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries for Latest Concept

Dec 16, 2021


Nashville hot chicken has struck a chord with diners across the U.S., none more so than with Justin Lim, a chef whose L.A. ramen restaurant, Okiboru, made Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list in 2019, an honor reserved for “hidden gems” that do not receive stars.

After noticing long lines every day outside a nearby restaurant, Lim’s curiosity got the best of him. He took his place in line and waited three hours to see what the fuss was about. The Nashville hot chicken sandwich he enjoyed at Howlin’ Ray’s left such an impression that he became obsessed with creating his own version, applying the same craft and attention to detail that made his ramen restaurant renowned.

As the pandemic hits, a plan is hatched

When the pandemic hit a couple of years later, Lim knew his new chicken concept was a natural to meet the surge in demand for takeout and delivery. He opened his first Scoville Hot Chicken location in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in December 2020.

While his signature “Hot Chicken Sandwich” quickly earned a slew of enthusiastic online reviews, their fries didn’t perform well for off-premise orders, which were 50% or more of their business.

Soggy fries are no match for a sandwich this good

“The old fry that we used to use—before they got in the bag, they were already soggy,” says Marvin Sands, store manager of their Buckhead, Georgia, location. “Once the customer got it, the product was all broken down.”

A stickler for quality, Lim began searching for a solution. After learning about Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries—and their industry-leading 40+ minute hold time—he tried them for himself and was convinced. Today, Scoville Hot Chicken serves the Conquest® Delivery+® 5/16" Clear Coated Crinkle Cut, seasoned back of house with hot spices.

Simplot Conquest® Delivery+® Fries keep their crisp and more

Another benefit that attracted Lim was the fact that Conquest® Delivery+® Fries can be reheated at home with 15-20 seconds in a microwave, ensuring his customers would enjoy a great fry experience regardless of delays in transit.

The fries quickly made a fan out of Sands.

“I promise you they hold up. The texture of the fry holds up. The heat of the fry holds up,” says Sands. “The consistency of the batter is always perfect. By the time they get to the customer, the fries are still crunchy. And we never have to worry about a customer complaint. To be able to put those fries in there and get a good hot product—the customers love it.”

The versatility of Conquest® Delivery+® Fries was another selling point. Scoville can serve the fries to both dine-in and off-premise customers, saving themselves the hassle of stocking a separate fry just for takeout and delivery orders.

Rave reviews bring enviable growth for Scoville

Evidently customers are pleased with the combination, too. Brisk business has already propelled Scoville Hot Chicken to six locations in Georgia, with more in the works and franchising underway.

While Lim’s Hot Chicken Sandwich will always be the star at Scoville, Sands also knows the value of the fries that go in the box on combo orders.

“The sandwich is perfect, but without those fries? Oh my,” laughs Sands.

His advice? Choose wisely.

“If you want a superior product, then that’s the fry you want,” Sands advises. “If you want sales and repeat customers, those are the fries you want.”

And who doesn’t want that?

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